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Co Created/Written by: Shauntae Hinkle-Lymas & Paquita Hughes

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ROCKVIOLET PHOTOGRAPHY is excited to launch it’s FUNDRAISING page to begin filming the pilot episode of “Sugar:: The Web Series”. Following the fundraising campaign, the pilot episode is expected to air Spring 2014.

The cast includes: Ashley London, Amanda Juni, Gregory Gordon, Gail Bean, Cody Rogers, Mikaila Henderson, Elizabeth Lamboy-Wilson, Jeremy Johnson, Barbara Ann Duffy, Annie May Gay, Rachel Gonzalez, (Not pictured) T.C. Franklin, Jahmani Swanson, and Charlie Merlo.

Paquita Hughes (Co-Creator/Writer/Producer/Director) assisted Shauntae Hinkle-Lymas (Co-Creator/Writer) with writing Sugar based on the rise of everything from health care to education and even basic necessities. This dramedy web series shares how Terri (Ashley London) gets caught up in not just wanting to get by, she wants to LIVE!

Hughes and Hinkle-Lymas were overwhelmed by the positive reaction with others they’ve shared their script with and now a web series is born. “Our generation knows that achieving the American Dream in a commercialized world have become so expensive that most people are priced out or have to incur huge debts to keep up. What do they do? What they have always done, they find a way.” Industry colleagues has described their work as "Weeds" meets "The Client List" with a dash of "Orange Is The New Black".

The pilot episode of this Dramedy series, puts you in the thick of Terri's problems which includes having a convict for a mother, a slut for an Aunt, and now unemployment. We begin our journey into the Sugar Bowl alongside her learning all the do's and don't's, just as she does. In the pilot episode, Terri is approached by an ex-coworker, Nikki, who wants to pretty much pimp her out into the sugar baby game to make more money. Terri hesitantly agrees to try it out since she is stuck with her mom's hospice bills and Aunt's utility bills after recently being laid off at a local restaurant. 

The pilot episode and possibly future episodes will be funded out of pocket along with contributions from Indiegogo campaign and their fundraising efforts (Bake Sale, Buffalo Wild Wings event, garage sale, car wash,etc.). The campaign is currently taking pledges through PayPal and any of their promotional events. 

Anyone interested in financially supporting the pilot and season one filming and production can go to: 
“Sugar:: The Web Series is a cautionary tale of, all that glitters, ain’t gold,” shares Hinkle-Lymas.
To find out more news and updates and follow our cast of Sugar:: The Web Series visit:

Budget for Pilot:

What we've RAISED to date : $2,299!

Our first two day were a success! Our next shoot days are Feb 22-23 but we will accept donations through out the ENTIRE production. This pilot will be pitched to several Video on Demand platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, and Redbox. With your help, SUGAR could be the next hit ORIGINAL SERIES! Anything helps, so donate to your heart's desires and SHARE with your friends and families!


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